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When you hear the name Inter Development, you will surely find one of the two words familiar. What comes to the mind of many of us when we hear the word “Inter” is the famous football club in Bratislava, and that is not just a coincidence. As a matter of fact, we adopted the name of Inter Bratislava which we feverishly support. Lets have a look at its history, and, more importantly, its present and future, of which we are an integral part.

Cup-winning history

Cup-winning history

It all began in 1940. This was when the club Apollo, the ancient precursor of Inter Bratislava, was established. After its years of existence and numerous changes, Inter was born as we know it today. A few years after its creation, the Club ranked among the top football teams in Slovakia and in the 1958/59 season it won the first Master Cup in the then-Czechoslovakia. For many years, the club was one of the best in the country and became a 6-time winner of the Slovak Cup and a two-time Master of Slovakia. In the 2008-2009 season, the Club qualified into the first Slovak league, but due to financial difficulties its previous owner was forced to sell the license to play in the top Slovak football league to FK Senica.

Today we are getting back on our feet

Today we are getting back on our feet

Staunch football enthusiasts led by the European bronze medallist Jozef Barmoš were not ready to give up their beloved club and decided to establish the civic association Inter to continue the tradition. The clubs resurrection has mainly been the work of parents who wanted their children to play sports. Soon we joined their initiative. We also are parents and sports fans and our enthusiasm is not only about football, but about supporting Inter as our predominant ambition. Therefore, we decided to provide the association with funding. Although the parents did their best, the conditions in which almost 300 young “Inter-based” footballers were training were simply not good enough. So we put our feet into it and created something we really can take pride in. We bought the trademark, established a joint stock company, and gave Inter a new start.

Today, Inter incorporates teams of different age groups, from the youngest players (children aged 6), youth (18-19 years), to adults (20+). Our coaches are UEFA certified and prepare children for their professional careers in the future. We play in stadiums and on football pitches for which we provide funds to ensure their revitalisation and renovation. Furthermore, we launched a programme for cooperation with schools which let us train on their premises in return for financing their revitalisation.

We have the brightest future ahead of us

In the future, we have none but the highest ambitions with Inter. We would like to return to the Slovak men´s top league and shuffle the cards. Our biggest dream is to repeat the success achieved in the Bratislava derby.

Hand-in-hand with these ambitions is our goal to rebuild sporting facilities in Bratislava. Since the 1990s, 30 sports centres were closed down in Bratislava where our and your children could actively spend their free time practising sports. With fewer and fewer football pitches and the declining attractiveness of football in Slovakia for general spectators, we can hardly expect a growing interest from young people in sports.

So it is up to us
It is up to all of us to get Inter back on its feet, bring the young back the sport, and thus build the future for football in Slovakia.

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